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We believe in making time for creative calm. Metaphys-inks was founded to satisfy the basic human need to "make" and to establish a framework for positive thinking.

We are firstly creators. We make artwork that inspires us to achieve our goals. To do so, we integrate intricate pen-and-ink patterns with words that we love. Sometimes we add a pop of color, because while we do love the simplicity of good ol'black-and-white, some things in life were just meant to be seen in vivid color.

People loved what we were creating, so we decided to show them how. We are secondly teachers. We run workshops that teach ordinary people how to create extraordinary works of art. Sign up for one of our classes and we'll send you home with something you'll actually want to hang on your wall. 

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  1. Anyone can be an artist (it just starts with putting pen to paper). 

  2. Powerful words drive progress (so find your mantra).  

  3. Inking age-old patterns with inspirational phrases is a killer combo. 

With the union of pen and paper, we strengthen the mind-body connection. Through our practice, we aim to reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence and encourage self-regulation while promoting mindfulness. We hope that you peruse our shop (coming soon!) or try one of our workshops. 

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In order to prioritize the safety of our team and our students during COVID-19, all workshops will be conducted virtually until further notice. While we miss our in-person community greatly, we cannot help but be optimistic about our new operating conditions. Through our digital experience, we are better able to magnify our drawing techniques during instruction. We are grateful for the opportunity to help so many of you make meditative drawing part of your work-from-home routines. 

Join us for one of our Zoom group workshops or book a private session for your next team event or get together with friends! 

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WHAT CONSUMES YOUR MIND CONTROLS YOUR LIFE... grab your pens and relax, create, and enjoy!

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